Edgar VFD conducts a training burn

Edgar VFD has training burn Aug 20 2016

On Saturday Aug 20, the Edgar Volunteer Fire Department was in the process of conducting a training burn. The burn consisted of two dilapidated houses located at the south west corner of 4th and E streets in Edgar.  Everyone available was suited up in bunk gear taking on the real life hazards that are fire and rescue. Also on scene were several EMT’s and COAD members.

A training burn is very important to the success of our local VFD’s. The city, or owners have buildings that are no longer usable. The cost of demolition is very high. The solution is to have the VFD practice their skills with real life fire situations. The training burn gets the building down, gives experience to the VFD,  helps test the fire hydrants in the city and the EMT’s get to help with rehabilitation efforts for the firemen and women.


Edgar VFD has training burn Aug 20 2016

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