Future of South Central USD 5 *UPDATE*

Last night Dr. Gilson of South Central USD #5 presented data and answered questions on the upcoming issue of re unifying of Sandy Creek and Lawrence – Nelson Schools. The meeting was just over two hours long and had an estimated 80 participants. Many questions were discussed and answered. It should be most notable the great success the joint unification has had upon the quality of education. Below is the recording of the the meeting. KCGW aired the event live and the recording is of that, the quality is not as we would prefer and will attempt to make it to another meeting and get a better recording.

Future of South Central Unified School District # 5 October 21 2015

  * * * * * * * *

Dr. Gilson has been holding town meetings over the last week and this week to discuss the future of SC USD #5.  Tomorrow October 21 a meeting will be held at the Edgar’s Gym to discuss the future of SC USD #5. KCGW will air the meeting live and record the meeting as well. The recording will be available on the KCGW website for listening and download. We also have included on this post the information booklet that has been provided by SC USD #5.

Future of South Central USD#5 Booklet
Future of South Central USD#5 Options Section

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