KCGW Streaming Errors (UPDATE)

Good morning. We are still having an issue with the streaming server being down. We have moved service to a new provider. This move means we have to resubmit our information to tunein and windows media player. Until the updates are approved service via tunein and windows media player will not work. However, on the KCGW Live Stream page we now have several options to listen. There is an audio player right under the tunein player or you can click “having trouble try here” or follow the instructions below. Thank you.

KCGW is having issues with our streaming host. The online service is currently up and down. We are using our stand by system please go to http://myradiostream.com/kcgwfm or to www.kcgwfm.com/live-stream/ and click “having trouble try here”

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