KCGW Needs Your HELP

Donate6The last few weeks of August 2015 and up to today our chief engineer has been limping along our transmitter. Today during a thunderstorm it bit the dust. We were already running at reduced power we are now at 0 watts out on the PA and 1 watt out from the driver unit. This means that we will only cover approximately 1/4 miles of Edgar and surrounding areas.

We are sorry to bring you this new as with all the sever weather we are no longer able to give you the vital information you need and yes football coverage will be only online and some of Edgar.

You can help us purchase a new transmitter by donating online at http://www.gofundme.com/kcgwfm or by sending your donation to KCGW Po Box 428 Edgar NE 68935

The cheapest transmitter we have got a quote on is a PTEK FM300ES 300 watt transmitter. Click HERE to seethe transmitter information. Here is a picture of the transmitter. It retails at $2749.00 we are at $900es_series-300x180




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