Nebraska Morning Summary – 6/24/15

Nebraska Morning Summary – 6/24/15

Twenty-two people have been arrested in Nebraska as a part of a national crackdown on child predators.  Operation Broken Heart Two involved three thousand law enforcement officers over the last two months.  The Nebraska Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force received 120 complaints in April and May, leading to 95 investigations and those 22 arrests.  Charges included child enticement and exploitation, including possession of child pornography.  The national effort resulted in more than 11 hundred arrests in 41 states.

(Thanks, Jane Monnich, KLIN)

Omaha police say a 10-year-old boy was spotted walking on the Interstate 80 on-ramp near L-Street just before 5:00 a-m.  He had been reported missing 15 minutes before that.  Officers say the child with Down’s syndrome was very close to walking onto the business interstate highway when they intercepted him and brought him to safety.  Police say it’s still not clear how the child made it all the way from the location where he was reported missing to the I-80 on-ramp.

Alerts have been sent to students, parents and university employees about a report of a fight and a person flashing a handgun.  University of Nebraska-Lincoln police say they still haven’t located any suspects connected to the Monday night incident on a campus basketball court.  People living nearby were advised to stay indoors at about 9:45 p-m, but the advisory was lifted an hour later.  University police say they found no fight when they arrived, but a witness told them what had happened, including the presence of a gun.

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