Today in History for June 15th

Today-In-HistoryToday in History for June 15th

June 15, 2015
On this day,
2003- Accounting firm Arthur Andersen is convicted of obstruction of justice in connection with the collapse of energy trader Enron.
1999- Ethnic Serbs begin fleeing Kosovo ahead of ethnic Albanians flooding back in as NATO peacekeepers continue spreading out through the province.
1996- Singing legend Ella Fitzgerald dies.
1995- O-J Simpson fails to get a pair of gloves that prosecutors say were worn the night Simpson’s ex-wife and her friend were killed to fit.
1994- Israel and the Vatican establish full diplomatic relations.
1992- Vice President Dan Quayle adds an extra “e” to potato while telling a Trenton, New Jersey, elementary school student how to spell the word.
1985- The Cubs add another glorious mark to their inept history when they lose to their rival, the St. Louis Cardinals, two-to-nothing in their 16-thousandth game.
1978- American Lisa Halaby marries King Hussein of Jordan and becomes Queen Noor.
1977- Singer Alice Cooper’s pet boa constrictor dies after being bitten by a rat.
1976- A game in Houston’s Astrodome between the Astros and the Pittsburgh Pirates is rained out when a 10-inch rain makes it impossible to get to the dome except by boat.
1963- Kyu Sakamoto captivates American music audiences enough for his hit, “Sukiyaki,” to go to number one.
1951- Pay-Per-View’s grandfather is used when Joe Lewis knocks out Lee Savold in a closed-circuit T-V fight shown only in movie theaters in six cities.
1938- Cincinnati pitcher John Vandermeer becomes the first pitcher in major league history to pitch two consecutive no-hitters.  The second of which came in the first ever game played at the legendary Ebbets Field.
1919- Captain John Alcock and Lieutenant Arthur Browne make the first non-stop transatlantic plane flight.
1904- More than a thousand people die in a fire aboard the steamboat General Slocum in New York’s East Harbor.
1864- Arlington National Cemetery is established.
1844- Charles Goodyear patents vulcanized rubber.
1836- Arkansas becomes the 25th state.
1752- Benjamin Franklin flies a kite in a rainstorm looking for electricity.
1775- George Washington is named Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army.
1520- Martin Luther is threatened with excommunication by the Pope for publically airing his religious beliefs.
1215- England’s King John sign the Magna Carta.
1981- Musician William Dean Martin
1973- Actor Neil Patrick Harris
1970- Actress Leah Remini
1969- Rapper Ice Cube
1964- Actress Courteney Cox
1963- Actress Helen Hunt
1958- Baseball player Wade Boggs
1954- Actor Jim Belushi
1949- Actor Jim Varney
     – Singer Russell Hitchcock, Air Supply
     – Baseball player, manager Dusty Baker
1946- Singer Janet Lennon, Lennon Sisters
1937- Country Singer Waylon Jennings
1932- New York politician Mario Cuomo
1921- Jazz pianist Erroll Garner
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