Nebraska Midday News for 6/15/15

Nebraska Midday Summary 6/15/15

Officers surrounded two North Platte churches Sunday until they determined that a 9-1-1 call about a shooting at a Church of Christ was bogus. The emergency call came in around noon Sunday. Additional officers were needed from the sheriff’s department because North Platte has two Churches of Christ. While officers surrounded the churches, tornado sirens blared as storm moved through the area. The National Weather Service says a weak tornado was spotted near Lake Maloney, but no damage was immediately reported. Around 1:30 P-M, officers determined that both churches were safe and the call was a hoax. Authorities believe the call was made over the Internet.
What looked like a powerful handgun that prompted a campus warning at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln turned out to be a B-B gun. University of Nebraska-Lincoln police tweeted a warning just after 6 P-M Sunday about a possible gun sighted near Cather Hall. The campus police followed up 20 minutes later with a tweet that said the situation had been resolved. Police say the gun turned out to be a B-B-firing replica of a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol that for years was standard U-S military issue. Officers found the replica gun in a bag inside a student’s dorm room. The student wasn’t cited but the student’s actions would be reviewed by university officials.
The State Game and Parks Commission plans to heighten a campaign intended to curb alcohol use while boating. Operation Dry Water is part of a national effort to reduce the number of accidents and deaths related to boating under the influence. The commission says the operation is a year-round campaign, but that the effort will be heightened by Game and Parks officers from June 26th through June 28th. Alcohol use while boating is the leading factor in boater deaths. In Nebraska, boating under the influence carries penalties that may include vessel impoundment, fines, jail time and loss of boating privileges.
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