Nebraska Afternoon News for 6/8/15

NewsFlash_Microphone_bolts_symbolNebraska Afternoon Summary 6/8/15

State troopers seized 131 pounds of marijuana and nearly 24 pounds of heroin after separate traffic stops along Interstate 80 in Nebraska. The State Patrol says the pot was found Saturday after a trooper stopped a sport utility vehicle just east of Grand Island. The patrol says a drug dog alerted troopers to the odor of drugs, and the pot later was found in five packages inside a bag in the cargo area. The patrol says the heroin was found Sunday afternoon after a trooper pulled over a vehicle about a mile east of the Waverly exit. The patrol says the trooper was given permission to search the vehicle. The patrol says the heroin was found in nine packages hidden in two false compartments.
Nebraskans for the Death Penalty has opened offices in Omaha and Lincoln where people can volunteer and sign the group’s petition to put the death penalty on the 2016 ballot. The Omaha and Lincoln locations will be open roughly 60 hours a week. Organizers say they plan to open offices in other parts of the state over the summer. The ballot drive follows last month’s vote in the Legislature to abolish capital punishment despite Governor Pete Ricketts’ veto.
Authorities say a Nebraska woman followed her ex-boyfriend onto Interstate 80 and deliberately rammed his car. The Lancaster County Sheriff’s office says the incident happened near Lincoln around 4:30 A-M. Saturday. Investigators say the 40-year-old woman rammed her ex-boyfriend’s vehicle repeatedly. The ex-boyfriend told authorities that the woman is upset about a recent breakup. A passenger in the ex-boyfriend’s car sustained minor injuries.
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