Today in History for June 5th

Today-In-HistoryToday in History for June 5th

June 5, 2015

On this day,

2004- Former President Reagan dies at the age of 93 after suffering Alzheimer’s disease.

2002- Utah teenager Elizabeth Smart disappears from her Salt Lake City home.
-Bass player Dee Dee Ramone dies at the age of 50.

1999- Actors Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe (fil-LIP-ee) marry.
-Singer Mel Torme dies.

1992- Country singer Conway Twitty dies from a ruptured stomach vessel on his tour bus. He is 59.

1984- Cyndi Lauper has the number one song in the land with her hit “Time After Time.”

1981- The first recognized cases of AIDS are reported in Los Angeles when five gay men are diagnosed with a rare pneumonia found in people with weakened immune systems.

1980- The Grateful Dead celebrate 15 years of music with a concert in Phoenix, Arizona.

1971- Grand Funk Railroad takes only 72 hours to sell out Shea Stadium in New York.  That breaks the previous record held by the Beatles.

1968- Senator Robert Kennedy is shot in Los Angeles, California while campaigning for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

1956- Elvis Presley prompts protests when he performs his hit, “Hound Dog,” on the Milton Berle Show.

1947- Art Lund tops the charts with his hit, “Mam’selle.”
-Secretary of State George C- Marshall outlines the Marshall Plan at a speech at Harvard University.

1938- The Salvation Army holds its first donut day fund raiser in Chicago

1933- The U-S goes off the gold standard.

1884- Civil War hero General William T. Sherman refuses the Republican presidential nomination, saying, ”I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected.”

1783- The first ever public demonstration of a hot-air balloon flight in Annonay, France.


1979- Basssist Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy

1974- Actor Chad Allen

1971- Actor Mark Wahlberg.

1969- Singer Brian McKnight

1956- Singer Kenny G

1949- Author Ken Follett

1941- Author Spalding Gray, “The Killing Fields.”

1934- Journalist Bill Moyers.

1895- Actor William Boyd, a-k-a Hopalong Cassidy.

1883- Economist John Maynard Keynes.

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