Nebraska Morning Summary – 6/2/15

kcgw.comNebraska Morning Summary – 6/2/15

U-S Senator Ben Sasse says Nebraska will benefit from the passage of the Trade Promotion Authority.  The Nebraska Republican says the T-P-A will be good for both producers and consumers.  Sasse says he understands some of the opposition, though he doesn’t feel the plan gives too much authority to the president.  He says it just gives the administration the freedom needed to work out a trade deal.  The T-P-A is also known as “fast-tracking” a deal.  It gives a president the flexibility needed to negotiate trade agreements with other countries.

The Federal Aviation Administration permit grant to Lincoln-based Midwest U-A-V Imaging Company is said to be the first issued inNebraska.  The permit allows Jase Robak’s company to make a profit by flying a drone.  Permits are being granted for industries like film-making, real estate and commercial photography.  University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Matt Waite heads the UN-L Drone Lab.  He says there are at least two-thousand applications for the permits now pending.  To operate a drone professionally requires a manned aircraft pilot license costing at least 65 hundred dollars.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is on a quest to find ways to deliver state services while spending less taxpayer money.  With the end of the legislative session, Ricketts is holding a series of planning sessions with the members of his administration.  All state expenditures are being reviewed.  Ricketts says he’s still focused on finding ways to lower property taxes in Nebraska.  He’d also like to see state income taxes reduced.  The two-year budget approved by lawmakers in the session just ended grew state spending by a lower-than-average three-and-a-half percent.

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