Today in History for May 28th

Today-In-HistoryToday in History for May 28th

 May 28, 2015

On this day,

1998- Comedian Phil Hartman is shot to death by his wife Brynn in a murder-suicide

1995- The Russian town of Neftegorsk is nearly flattened when an earthquake registering a seven-point-five on the Richter scale hits the island of Sakhalin.

1987- German teenager Matthias Rust lands a private plane on Red Square in Moscow.

1978- Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams’ duet “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late” tops the charts.

1968- Simon & Garfunkel’s classic, “Mrs. Robinson,” is number one.

1961- Amnesty International is founded.

1950- “Zoo Parade” hosted by Marlin Perkins and Jim Hurlbut premieres on N-B-C

1934- The Dionne quintuplets (Annette, Cecile, Emilie, Marie, and Yvonne) are born in Ontario

1892- The Sierra Club is founded.


1986- Actor Joseph Cross

1977- Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck

1968- Australian actress-singer Kylie Minogue.

1964- Actress Christa Miller

1949- Late punk singer Wendy O. Williams

1945- Singer-songwriter John Fogerty, lead singer Credence-Clearwater Revival.
-Patch Adams

1944- Singer Gladys Knight.
-Rudolf Giuliani
-Billy Vera (VERR-ah)

1936- Betty Shabazz (wife of Malcolm X)

1934- The Dionne Quintuplets (Marie, Cecile, Annette, Yvonne, Emilie)

1908- Author Ian Fleming, creator of the James Bond series.

1888- Famed athlete Jim Thorpe.

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