Nebraska Morning Summary – 5/28/15

NewsFlash_Microphone_bolts_symbolNebraska Morning Summary – 5/28/15

The Unicameral has repealed the death penalty in Nebraska by overriding the governor’s veto of a bill authored by Senator Ernie Chambers.  The Omaha Democrat has been fighting to get rid of the death penalty for 40 years.  Lawmakers debated the question for three-and-one-half hours Wednesday.  In the end, two senators who had voted for the repeal switched sides and two who had not voted on the matter when it came up earlier this month voted against the veto override.  Senators seeking to override the veto still had the 30 votes they needed.

Authorities in Lincoln County say a diver has reached a car which was carrying two teenagers when it plunged into the South Platte River 10 days ago.  Sheriff Jerome Kramer says the river flood waters have to recede before the car can be pulled from the river.  Eighteen-year-old Noah Ramos and 17-year-old Alexis Wiezorek have been missing since May 19th.  The sheriff says the diver could only see silt inside the car when he looked through the window.  Investigators have confirmed the submerged car is the one driven by Wiezorek.

Freight shipping demand is down and that will mean furloughs for workers at B-N-S-F Railway Company.  The company says it hopes to recall those employees as soon its shipping business rebounds.  B-N-S-F is owned by Omaha-based Berkshire Hathaway, Incorporated.  The company wouldn’t say how many employees are affected.  It is the biggest freight hauler in the Upper Great Plains and is the primary mover of the more than one-point-one million barrels of crude oil shipped out of the North Dakota shale oil fields each day.

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