Today in History for May 25th




Today in History for May 25th

May 25, 2015

On this day,

2011- After 25 years on the air, Oprah Winfrey airs the final episode of her daytime talk show.

2009- North Korea creates world tension by testing nuclear devices.

1999- Congress releases its report into China’s two decades of efforts to steal U-S weapons technology.

1996- Sublime lead singer Bradley Nowell dies.

1994- The United Nations Security Council lifts the final apartheid-era embargo from South Africa.

1992- Jay Leno debuts as the host of “The Tonight Show.”

1990- A congressional report questions the U-S Navy’s findings that a troubled sailor was the likely cause of a deadly blast aboard the U-S-S Iowa battleship.

1986- About seven million people hold hands to fight hunger in the “Hands Across America” project.

1979- 275 people die when an American Airlines D-C-10 crashes while trying to take off from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

1968- The Gateway Arch is dedicated in St. Louis.

1961- President Kennedy announces his hope to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade.

1935- Baseball legend Babe Ruth hits his 714th home run, the final one of his career.

1925- ┬áJohn T. Scopes is indicted for teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution at a Tennessee school.

1895- Playwright Oscar Wilde is convicted of moral charges and sentenced to prison.

1844- The first telegraphed news dispatch appears in a newspaper, The Baltimore Patriot.

1787- The Constitutional Convention is called to order in Philadelphia.


1975- Singer Lauryn Hill

1969- Actress Anne Heche
– Fashion expert Stacy London

1963- Actor-Comedian Mike Myers

1955- Actress Connie Sellecca

1939- Actress Dixie Carter
Actor Ian McKellen

1936- Singer Tom T. Hall

1932- Basketball Hall of Famer K-C Jones, player and coach Boston Celtics

1926- Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis

1918- Actor Claude Akins

1898- Boxing champ Gene Tunney

1803- Writer Ralph Waldo Emerson

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