Nebraska Morning Summary – 5/25/15

downloadNebraska Morning Summary – 5/25/15

A 28-year-old Omaha man is being charged in federal court in a five-year old murder case.  Prosecutors say Kendall Tealer could be executed if he is convicted of the new charges in the case.  They say when he killed Mickie Graham in 2010 it was the result of gang activity.  Graham was involved in a fight the night he died and was shot to death several hours later.  Federal prosecutors say Tealer killed him so he could advance in his gang.  Tealer and two other pleaded guilty to reduced state charges four years ago and were sentenced to probation.

Federal grants worth one-point-eight million dollars will pay for three Nebraska projects aimed at strengthening the Ogallala aquifer.  Grants totaling six-and-a-half million dollars are going to eight states for the huge project.  The Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District reports it will use its grant to promote conservation of irrigation water.  The Little Blue Natural Resources District hopes to conserve 18-thousand acre-inches of water per year with better conservation practices.  And, the Central Platte Natural Resources District will also reduce irrigation.

An Omaha judge has denied bail for a 34-year-old murder suspect.  Joseph Fleming is one of two men accused of killing Jose Quintero.  A prosecutor say Quintero died from head and neck injuries and being stabbed at Fleming’s house September 24th, 2012.  Quintero’s burned body was found in a field in eastern Nebraska.  Prosecutors say Fleming killed the victim, then drove to a secluded field to dump his body.  Farmers inSarpy County found the body when they noticed the smoke in their fields.

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