Nebraska Midday Summary 5/22/15

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The Hall County Board of Supervisors has called an emergency meeting today (Friday) to discuss legislation that would abolish the death penalty in Nebraska. On Wednesday state lawmakers approved a bill abolishing capital punishment. Governor Pete Ricketts has said he will veto the bill but has not said when he will do so. County Supervisor Pam Lancaster said she wants the board to approve a resolution that would be sent to state senators, asking them to retain the death penalty by upholding Ricketts’ promised veto. Nebraska has not executed a prisoner since 1997.
The rushing waters of the South Platte River have proved to be an obstacle for searchers trying to find a car that had been carrying two teenagers when it was driven into the river. Officials have been hunting for 17-year-old Alexis Wiezorek (wih-ZOR’-ehk) and 18-year-old Noah Ramos since late Monday night. Authorities say Wiezorek drove around several barricades and then into the river, which had washed out part of a road on the south side of North Platte. Officials had hoped divers could search the river bottom Thursday where an object had been detected by sonar the day before. Long poles were used unsuccessfully to probe for it. Officials say efforts to recover the object won’t continue until conditions improve.
A 79-year-old Norfolk man has been hospitalized after being rescued from beneath a tractor. Officer says the tractor was pulling a mower on U-S Highway 275 Thursday when it was hit by a car, pinning Longin Karel. Once freed, he was flown to a hospital in Sioux City, Iowa. The driver of the car, 21-year-old Erica Pilger, was taken to Faith Regional Health Services in Norfolk for treatment of minor injuries. The accident is under investigation.
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