Nebraska moved closer Friday to repealing the death penalty

Nebraska moved closer Friday to repealing the death penalty, thanks to Republican and conservative lawmakers who argue it’s a waste of taxpayer money, a failed government program, and cruel to victims’ families who wait decades for an execution.

The relatives of those killed by the 11 men on death row are divided about whether capital punishment should end in the Cornhusker State — the goal of a bill that cleared its second hurdle with a 30-16 vote on Friday.

The mother of Brandon Teena, the transgender murder victim whose story was the basis of the film “Boys Dont Cry,” said life in prison without parole isn’t enough for the man convicted of killing the 21-year-old and two other people in 1993.

“I want him to die,” Joann Brandon said of death-row inmate John Lotter. “It will bring some closure to me. It bothers me every day because I think about my daughter constantly and I don’t see any justice being done for her.

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